Chapter Seven is Done!

(To the tune of “Pregnant Women are Smug” and with apologies to Garfunkel and Oats — video is not entirely safe for work due to some bad language):

Chapter Seven is Done!

It’s finally finished

I can’t believe it!

I kept putting it off

Because I’m lazy

and was doing other stuff

But I got it done tonight

And it didn’t take long,

And it’s pretty good.

For a rough draft

I mean really rough draft

There’s some stuff I should fix

And some things that don’t make sense yet

Ok, there’s a lot to fix

But there’s time to do that

when I’m typing it up

After this draft is finished

Because if I go back now

It’ll never get done.

So, Chapter seven is done!

It’s finally done!

It’s really done!

Now for Chapter Eight…



Chapter Eight has begun..

Time to play Candy Crush…