AROW80 Check-In for January 29, 2014

Howdy, howdy, howdy!  Hope everybody’s having a good week. I’m feeling lazy as a bump, which I’m blaming on the weather — though at least it was warmer today. That’s right, we hit double digits!  And tomorrow we’re supposed to be in the 30s so that’s going to be like having a heat wave.

Had a doctor’s appointment today, which went well enough. Had some blood drawn for lab work (I’m a Type II diabetic), so now I’m worrying a bit about the results. No real reason to, other than that I’m always worried when it comes time for my results.  My blood pressure was 122/88 which was good and while I’ve gained weight since my last visit, it was only three pounds so, here’s hoping that my A1C levels are still nice and low.

My doctor did suggest that I take another diabetic education class which I readily agreed to. My last diabetic education class was when I was first diagnosed back in 2000 or 2001 so I’m thinking that it’s highly likely that nearly everything I learned then is out of date.  I foresee changes in my diet approaching, which’ll be for the best.

I also got a flu shot which hurt but better safe than sorry, I suppose.  I whined and moaned about the needles, as I usually do, because I am terrified of them — though I don’t really understand why since it honestly doesn’t hurt *that* bad. The flu shot hurt but I think that’s because it’s an injection but the blood draw was barely even a pinch. Pulling the bandage off hurt more. Stupid, irrational fears and their irrationalness!

Previous Goals: 

  • I finished reading Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War and it turned out to be as full of good crunchy information as I’d hoped it would be. Particularly one chapter about the reactions of African-American writers, scholars and activists to nuclear war. I took about ten pages of notes on that chapter alone.
  • Haven’t done much of anything else yet, but the night is young! I got a new copy of Lee Killough’s Checking on Culture: An Aid to Building Story Backgrounds and I’m planning on using the checklist she has to do some worldbuilding in the Defcon ‘verse.

Goals for the Week

  • In terms of writing, same as last week: to get up off my butt and DO something to get myself back into the swim and stop goofing around.
  • Adding some personal goals: check into diabetes education, pick up my perscriptions and get motivated to start losing weight and exercising more. My health isn’t the worst but it could be a lot better.
  • Hell, just work on getting motivated at all, since I’m in an all-around slump — which I’m at least partly blaming on the weather.  (I live in fear that one of these days, the weather is going to knock on my door and give me a cease and desist order for using it as a scapegoat for things…)

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