AROW80 Check-In for February 2, 2014

Ok, it’s Sunday again and that means I’m posting this before bed at Oh My God It’s Early again, so here’s the short and sweet spiel for Super Bowl Sunday!

Are  You Ready For Some Updates?:

Personal Stuff Wins the Toss:

  • Bad News First: Went to my doctor’s appointment and my A1C levels were not good. Basically, the A1C test gives you an idea of what your blood sugar levels are on average.  As with anything relating to blood sugar, the lower the numbers, the better. Golf scores, not bowling.  On my last A1C, the level was 7.2 which is damn close to normal; this time, it was 9.2 which isn’t near normal at all.
  • Good News Second: I’ve got an appointment with a dietician to talk about changes I can make in my diet to go along with my medication.  Also, I’m making plans to get more exercise which, when combined with diet and medication should help me get that score down.

Writing Stuff Does…Something Else Football-ish:

    • I have FINALLY WORKED on Chapter Twelve of Defcon: Fade Out.  I finished a scene tonight and plotted out the next scene.
    • But Wait! There’s More!: I’ve also plotted out Chapters Thirteen, Fourteen and Fifteen! I’m planning on the book being at least twenty chapters long, so I’m on the downhill slope! WHOOT!

Plans for the Week:

  • Finish Chapter Twelve, start on Chapter Thirteen
  • Make dental appointment to see about toothache.
  • Pick up books from Interlibrary Loan at library.
  • Check in with folks

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5 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In for February 2, 2014

  1. Hopefully, you can get those numbers into a more normal range, and fast!

    And hooray for the writing, and the plotting, and on attaining the downhill slope! That’s awesome news! =)

    Thinking healthy thoughts, and wishing you many perfect words!

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