AROW80 Check-In for February 9, 2014

What I have learned from Midsomer Murders: 

  1. Pillows should be regulated like handguns.
  2. NEVER EVER SAY “Oh, it’s you!” as this will get you murdered.  Apparently it is some kind of a signal that sparks murderous rage in people.
  3. People in Midsomer county really should be used to finding bodies by now. I mean, hasn’t everybody who lives there been murdered at some point?

Seriously though, I do like the show a lot, particularly for the fact that the folks in the show seem to be somewhat aware of just how crazy murderpants their county is.  Also, I like that the show can be dark without being gory.

Previous Goals:

  • Personal Goals: Still taking my meds; appointment with the dietitian is coming up and I’m going to make a dental appointment for myself this week.
  • Writing Goals: I hashed out the radio scene in Chapter Twelve! I basically used a mock conversation from a ham site as a template for the call signs and official bits of chatter and inserted my own dialogue. And also made things a bit more readable, since the mock conversation looked like this:

Hello CQ CQ CQ, this is G3YWX, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, CQ CQ CQ, this is G3YWX, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, CQ CQ CQ, this is G3YWX, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, and G3YWX, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray is standing by for a call.

G3YWX, Golf three Yankee Whisky Xray, this is G3QAB, Golf three Quebec Alpha Bravo, Golf three Quebec Alpha Bravo

Yeah, not the most enjoyable read, is it? I got around it by using phrasing like “She repeated the greeting three times” and “she spelled out Grandma’s name phonetically, pronouncing each letter carefully.” It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for now and that’s what I was after!

  • I chomped through my interlibrary loan books and found some good crunchy information that will be helpful. And also found some other sources that I want to look up because I am to books what Cookie Monster is to cookies.

Sea Is for Cookie

“Sea is for Cookie” by Put_It_All_On_Red based on The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Hokusai and, of course, Cookie Monster.

Goals for This Week:

  • Work on Chapter 12
  • Make some photocopies of some of my research materials before I return them.
  • Noodle more on worldbuilding and some ideas I have for what may be the first book in the Defcon series.
  • Curse the snow unto the seventh generation.
  • Work on being better about following my Twitter

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13 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In for February 9, 2014

  1. I love the idea of using ham radio as a foundation for radio chatter in a scene. How’d you come up with that? I’m curious ’bout the trail what got ya there…

    Regarding photocopies, I did some heavy lifting in the research department last year. I used an $80 wand scanner to collect most of the data. I just passed it over a page and–voila–done and done. Saved me a bundle on photocopies, and it allowed me to make the best use of my time on site.

    • Defcon: Fade Out is set about 39 years after World War III and I have it in my head that, particularly in rural areas, shortwaves and ham sets and even CB radios are more commonly used than phones since there are still areas of the US that haven’t had phone service restored. There’s also been a resurgence in radio programming like was more common in the days before television, so people follow radio dramas and educational programs and such like that as well.

      Thanks for the idea about the scanner; that’s something I think I will have to look into. Can they do multiple page documents and/or convert to pdf?

      • Absolutely. I usually scanned pages as jpegs, then converted the images to pdfs in Acrobat. I did a batch conversion into a multi-page document at home, then output to my printer. It’s still time consuming. But you’re using your time at the library for collecting info, and sorting at home. I think you cover more ground that way.

  2. Heh, I’d never heard of Midsomer Murders before so I had to google it. 🙂

    Congrats on your progress, and glad to hear you aren’t going to transcribe that conversation as it is in your blog post. *g*

    • It’s a really good show; if you have Netflix, they have like thirteen seasons worth (‘course, since it’s a British show, a season is only about 6 episodes long).

      Me too! I mean, it’d be perfect for boosting a word count but just hellacious to try and read!

  3. Nice progress! Hey, my dad used to do the ham radio thing. I have so many memories of him talking to people. We even met a few of them! Wild. Haven’t thought about that in ages.

    Good luck with your goals.

    • Thank you! I’ve been doing a bit of reading about ham radio and it does sound like a hell of a lot of fun. Kind of like an early form of the internet.

  4. Ham radio… oh, that brings up memories. I ran my own for a few weeks.

    And that “Great Wave” glom…. lots of giggles there.

    Looks like steady progress. Keep writing and keep smiling (oh, and reading, but I figured you had that one under control).

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