AROW80 Check-In for February 12, 2014

CHAPTER TWELVE IS DONE! REPEAT: I HAVE FINISHED CHAPTER TWELVE AND AM NOW ON CHAPTER THIRTEEN! Let there be cake and celebrations throughout the lands! And feel free to substitute ‘cake’ for whatever nummy food you prefer. I am magnanimous in my victory!

Went out to eat on Monday and heard, for I think the first time in my life, people actually chanting ‘USA! USA!” (we were eating at a sports bar and the Olympics, among other sporting events, was on).  What was amusing to me was the fact they were cheering on the American team in curling — which is not the sort of sport I would have pegged people who would chant ‘USA, USA!” as backing but good on ’em for supporting a non-mainstream sport.

To me, curling looks like a lot of fun, but I have a thing about ice.  Or, more correctly, I have a thing about falling on the ice.  And about falling in general, to be honest.

Previous Goals:

  • Personal Goals: I did not make a dentist appointment. I will do this soon.
  • Writing Goals:
    • Chapter Twelve of Defcon: Fade Out is done, as I have mentioned. And the first scene of Chapter Thirteen is also done, so booyeah!

Goals for This Week:

  • Finish Chapter Thirteen before the end of the week.
  • Pick up books at library — which may interfere with the above ‘finish Chapter Thirteen’ goal.
  • Noodle more on worldbuilding and some ideas I have for what may be the first book in the Defcon series.
  • Curse the snow unto the seventh generation. — I have a feeling that I will be doing this until about June, at this point. Though honestly, the snow is taking the blame for the cold weather in general. 
  • Work on being better about following my Twitter — still working on this.

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9 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In for February 12, 2014

  1. I’m noodling two other worlds while finishing my WIP. One world is for a short story I’m submitting to an anthology. The other world I specifically created to be very different from my ‘usual’ world.

    Huzzah for finishing chapters! Do you have an average length? I’m a 2k’er myself. It turns out that’s what feels right for what I write.

    • Cool! Out of curiosity, what sort of world do you usually create?

      I’m not sure how many words/chapter I usually write. I’m going to have to check (I would right now, but I’m too lazy to get up and grab my notebook at the moment). I’m thinking of typing up a scene for WIPpet Wednesday though, so I’ll probably grab it at some point later today.

      • I used to write with NO chapter breaks, counting on just going back later and putting them in wherever it seemed right. That didn’t work so well. Now I always put them in as I go. It’s usually around 2k, but a 1k chapter or a 4k chapter is just fine!

        My ‘usual’ world where I have several novels set (SciFi Romance) is Kingdom Come, which is a human colonized planet in a positive future. There is a union-of-planets-type organization, but it’s hardly mentioned. I also never, ever mention aliens, with the assumption that humans never encountered other sentient races. This particular planet has a tradition of group marriage.

        Then I decided that, if I was going to create a different set of stories, I would make them as distinctly different as I could. So…aliens. Lots of ’em. More than one multi-planet entity competing for power and resources. In the KC world, “beams” can only “push” because that’s how physics works. In the alien world, “beams” can only “pull” (like a tractor beam) because that’s how physics works. In KC, most Starships are huge and travel at FTL. In the alien world, Starships must be small enough to maneuver through the wormholes created in hyperspace.

        I wanted to make the point that it is SPECULATIVE fiction. It’s a lot of “Hey, what if ___?” I’m not claiming to predict what will happen. I’m creating complicated scenarios of infinite possibility.

        • Ok, I did some math based on number of pages written/chapter and I average about 6 pages/chapter of handwritten text — give or take.

          I mentioned on your blog that Kingdom Come sounds like a neat world and this other world with aliens likewise sounds neat! I like the fact that you twisted things 180 degrees in the new world; it’s a good way to make something new.

  2. Sounds like you made some good progress. I’d be welcoming snow because that would mean it’s warm enough to make it!! We’ve been sub-zero again. Although, rumor has it, we may hit 30 this week. Heat wave!!

    • I know what you mean! Honestly, I think I could stand a bit of snow so long as the temperatures didn’t drop so damnably low. I made the mistake of wearing only a t-shirt and a winter coat on Monday, only to find out that the temperatures overnight were going to be single digits. Guess who comes home from work in the overnight hours? *WHINE!*

      And, don’t hate me, but I think we’re going to get into the 40s this week. But I’m still carrying an extra sweatshirt in the car, just in case.

  3. I wonder if the curling team has fancy broom manufacturers as their sponsors? Swiffer wet jet, perhaps?

    Congrats on completing Chapter 12! Whoop w00t! 🙂

    • They should! The wet jet would probably stick to the ice though…

      Oooh! Or scrubbing bubbles! In little USA team jerseys! Not that one often has to polish the ice in their home but still!

  4. Congrats on Chapter 12! Did you reach your goal of finishing Chapter 13?
    I love the library. The only problem . . . I have enough unread books in my personal library that it really doesn’t make sense to go there unless I’m donating books. 🙂
    Have a great weekend and a super productive week ahead.

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