WIPpet Wednesday for 2/12/2014

In honor of finishing the evil Chapter Twelve of Defcon: Fade Out, I give you the beginning of the infamous ham radio conversation. (12th Chapter for the 12th of the month! — also 2+1+2+2+0+1+4 =12):

With that, Gina turned back to her radio set and pulled on her headset as she twisted a dial, tuning in a frequency. Joseph and Sadie covered their ears at the screech and squawk of static. 

“Hello, CQ, CQ, CQ, this is WA8EK, that’s Whiskey, Alfa, eight, Echo Kilo.” Gina repeated the greeting and her call sign twice more, before continuing.  “This is Whiskey Alfa eight Echo Kilo, standing by for a response.  Repeating, WA8EK standing by for a response.”

After a few minutes, which seemed to drag on forever, — especially for Sadie who practically danced with nervous anticipation — a voice came back over the line. 

“Hello, WA8EK, this is WA8PP.” The voice also spelled out his call sign phonetically and repeated his greeting twice more as Gina had done. “You are coming in five by five, this is Cecil.” He phonetically spelled his name, then repeated it. “Thank you for contacting Town Crier Messenger Service, where your words move at the speed of our feet! How can I help you today?”

# # # # #

WIPpet Wednesday was begun by  K. L. Schwengel.  If you want to participate, post a snippet from your WIP, related in some way to the date and link back to here — where you can also read and comment on others’ excerpts.



6 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday for 2/12/2014

  1. Hooray for you! Those Evil Chaptersare a worthy challenge, and you Made. It. Through. Alive! Hopefully, you will also emerge from the snow and ice all in one piece, too – we’re expecting another large deposit here, later today…

    I intend to spend some time writing! =)

    • Thank you! I hope you get some good writing done! And, on the weather front, we’re supposed to be having warmer temperatures this week — as in 30s and 40s, maybe even the 50s. Whether it will last, I dunno.

  2. Congrats on finishing the chapter!

    Your snippet definitely makes me curious to know more. I especially liked “where your words move at the speed of our feet!” 🙂

  3. Awesome!!! I love the phonetic spelling! (I used to have to do it all the time when I worked security). I can totally feel the anticipation as they wait for an answer.

  4. Sounds about right, though it would depend on why they are using the ham radio and who they were trying to reach. Other than that? definitely right!

  5. “Where your words move at the speed of our feet.” *snork* I love it. This brought back some memories for me. When we were kids we would sneak down into the basement and play with my dad’s radio equipment. It was never on, and he never knew! Hee, hee. At least, we tell ourselves he never knew.

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