AROW80 Check-In for February 23, 2014

Happy Sunday! Hope all is well and that all your breakfasts have been nummy ones the last few days.

I’m cheating a bit and writing this entry on Saturday night before I go to work so as to be able to get to bed earlier than I usually do.  This will probably not succeed but at least I am making a stab at it.

Personal Goals: 

  • Work on following diet plan that the dietitian worked out and generally making better food choices. — This has been going fairly well; I’ve bought some things to take to work for lunches and I’m sticking to eating at regular times and eating sensible things when I do.  And I downloaded a Calorie King app on to my iPod so that I can make decisions about what to eat when I go out.
  • Keep dentist appointment next week — 
    That’s coming up this Thursday afternoon. Not looking forward to it, but not particularly enjoying Tooth Pain Roulette every time I drink something cold either.
  • Work on getting exercise, which should be easier now that the snow has begun to melt off (MELT SNOW! MELT! MELT! MELT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAA!). — I walked around Target today! Yeahhh, consider this one still needing to be worked on.

Writing Goals:

  • I finished Defcon: Fade Out Chapter Fifteen and Chapter Sixteen — following the formal procedure of ‘This feels like a stopping point’. And I’m now on Chapter Seventeen. This book is definitely going to be more than 20 chapters long
  •  I’ve also hit 65,000 words and am onto a second notebook. I’m hoping that if I fill both notebooks with roughly the same amount of words (I ended the first one at 56,665  words), I should have a good start on a draft. Then I just need to write the other four books in the series and we’re golden!
  • Still working on plotting out an ending for Defcon: Fade Out.  Which I have a feeling is going to mean getting a better handle on the beginning of the book.  And figuring out if I’m really close to the end with Chapter 15 or if I’m more at the middle of the story.
  • I have also been making some decisions about the first book of the Defcon series. I’m thinking that it might be a divided story, featuring at least two different groups reacting to the aftermath of World War III and setting up the series proper.
  • And toward that end, I have started keeping a separate, smaller notebook with which to write down ideas for the current book in particular and the series as a whole in general. I’m also keeping track of places where I’m going to need to address problems/fix plot holes/improve things when I begin typing things up for the current draft.  As is traditional, it is a graph paper steno notebook.

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3 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In for February 23, 2014

  1. Your attack plan for the series sounds good and bold, Kathy. Too often I see people who’ve written a good book decide to write a series because others appreciated it with no planning of how to continue on. They act as if they’re always “testing the waters” with each piece.

    And the idea of keeping notebooks for both the piece in progress and the pieces that will follow means you’re always subconsciously working on both.

    Keep walking (and that dentist appointment!). You’ll be glad for it in the end.

    • Eden, thank you so very much! Your kind words put a huge smile on my face when I read them. I think it helps some that Defcon: Fade Out started out as the first book in the series but morphed into the last book as I kept asking myself questions about how and why the characters and the world ended up in the situation I was plotting out — and the answers to the questions turned out to be interesting in and of themselves and I thought it’d be nice to tell a post-apocalyptic story over a period of time. In my head, it describes a very nice arc.

      The secondary notebook is something I wish, wish, wish I had started earlier. It’s been a very big help because I can make a quick note about something and go back to writing without worrying that I’ll forget the idea later. It’s even handy for technical things like, “Where did Character X go?” and “This scene needs to be more suspenseful.” Plus, as you said, I’m thinking about other books at the same time and trying very hard to make them all hang together.

      Thank you again for your support, I really appreciate it!

      • Your path sounds a bit like my own. I started writing the story that has become the Swan Song series mostly by doing a “what got them here?” on Release.

        And though I’m now using Scrivener (with notes linked to each section, and one big “world” project that connects the individual story projects), I still keep thosenotebooks around too. They help!

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