AROW80 Check-In for March 23, 2014

Writing this on Saturday night for posting on Sunday morning again. At this particular moment, I am sitting on my couch not wanting to go to work. In fact, I’m not wanting to get off the couch period.

Sunday Morning Kathy:  And I’m back home and sitting on the couch again and once again, not really wanting to get off of it.  The sad part? I feel more awake now.

# # # # #

Personal Goals:  I’ve managed to walk more days than I haven’t and the route I’ve been taking is 4/5ths of a mile so there’s some happy.

Still haven’t made the root canal appointment yet. It’s not fear so much as waking up in the mid-afternoon and not remembering to make the call until I’m at work. Also, not remembering to check if the place the dentist recommended is covered by my insurance — which I could do right now but will I? While I’m actually thinking about it? Noooo! Maybe I will tomorrow morning before I post this.

Sunday morning Kathy: I actually went and tried to check the insurance company’s website and it is down for maintenance! I tried, I really, really tried! Gahhh…

Writing Goals:

  • Defcon: Fade Out I’m working on Chapter XX, which may end up at the beginning of the book. OR may end up on the cutting room floor, but it’s at least letting me explore some of my antagonists’ motivations.  — SMK: I think I have figured out the purpose of Chapter XX. I think it might be the actual beginning of the book.
  • Word Count: I’m at 91K+ words as of Friday night/Saturday morning. My goal for tonight is at least 92K  — SMK: Haven’t done a final count of what I wrote tonight, but since the last point I stopped at was 91,901 and I have 3 pages worth of writing to count…yeah, I think 92K is in the bag!
  • Ending: Still working on this.

Goals for this week:

  • Make the expletive deleted root canal appointment. 
  • Keep working on Defcon: Fade Out and aiming for 100K by the end of March.
  • Celebrate girlfriend’s birthday on Monday!
  • Prepare for the Month of Worldbuilding!

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5 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In for March 23, 2014

  1. How the website was down when you went to finally do it… Happens to me all the time! The Universe is full of bad plot twists!

    I totally think you can hit that 100k by end of March. Keep being awesome. Smash them goals.

  2. Sometimes, Kathy, I found myself not making the appointment because the tooth was “okay’ now… Maybe that’s what is slowing you down? Subconsciously that is, not consciously. A trick I’ve tried is to call during off hours, leave a message on the dentist’s voice mail saying you had been referred to them by X and needed to know if they take X insurance. Leave a call back #. Then you’ve gotten the ball rolling and can rid yourself of the guilt of “not getting done”.

    You might be surprised at how good that feels.

    • I’m not sure that it’s a subconscious fear so much as conscious laziness but I think the fact that the tooth isn’t actively causing me pain is probably also a factor in the laziness as well. If I can’t get the website to work, yeah, i think I’m going to just call the oral surgeon and ask them directly. Good news is, even if they don’t, a co-worker told me about his oral surgeon who IS covered by our insurance.

      Thank you for the suggestion!

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