AROW80 Check-In: May 18, 2014

Very short check-in for today. Still busy IRL, but I wanted to post today because I’m afraid if I get out of the habit of posting, I will fall completely out of the habit and back into slothful, slothful ways.

The irony of me posting this just before I go to take a nap before work is not lost on me.  And probably isn’t irony.

Writing Goals: 

  • Not done a blippin’ thing with my manuscript! Other than been doing some noddling around in my brain about ideas and such.
  • Not a writing goal per se, but I have been reading some of my post-apocalyptic men’s adventure novels to help refresh my mind about tropes and also to kill time at work. I am thinking about possibly doing reviews of these books as well.

Goals to work on: These were so nice, I thought I’d do them twice.

  • Keep reading through my manuscript.
  • Fill in some plot holes
  • Sleeeeep.
  • Check in with other folks

1 thought on “AROW80 Check-In: May 18, 2014

  1. Brain noddling is great! It’s the first step to getting those ideas down. In fact, brain noddling is my favourite part of writing. It’s a great past time of mine to slip into my mind and stories while out and about. I wish you luck with your manuscript! I hope things go smoothly for you. Please feel free to recommend some of those post-apocalyptic books to me, I am always looking for new novels to read. Cheers!

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