AROW80 Check-In: June 22, 2014

I discovered a very helpful writing tool over the last couple days, one that I kind of wish I’d figured out years ago because I think it is going to make a big difference when I start typing up the manuscript next round.  Yeahhh, the typing thing? It’s going to happen next round, mainly because I don’t think I can type up 100,000+ words in the next three days…

(Ok, so I did the math and 100,000 words at 90 words per minute is something like, 1,111 minutes which is about 18.5 hours so maybe I *could* but…don’t wanna, not gonna.)

This new exciting writing tool? I started writing out the plot’s back story — basically, all the things that had to have happened to lead up to the events of the book itself.  It’s been tricky, but it definitely feels worth it since I can feel ideas clicking into place.

So, that’s what I’m working on for the last few days of this round.

That and eagerly awaiting my root canal on Wednesday (no, really!).

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