AROW80 3rd Quarter Check-In: 7/9/2014

From Kait’s round three post: OWN YOURSELF AND STATE YOUR ROUND 3 GOALS

So my challenge to you for Round 3 is to OWN YOUR DREAM.  Own the title of writer.  Because there’s only ONE QUALIFICATION for being a writer–and that is to write.  It’s not a designation that belongs only to the published, not a designation that belongs only to those whose support themselves by their words. 

Ok, here goes nothing! I am a writer, I AM a writer! I AM A WRITER! And boy is it scary to say that out loud — well, so to speak. I mean, I’m not saying anything as I type that and presumably you who are reading this aren’t reading this out loud (but if you do, please give me a nicely triumphant voice? Thank you in advance!).

Goals for this Round:

Taking some advice from the article on goal-setting linked in Kait’s post, I’m going to set some realistic, actual achievable goals, rather than stating some nebulous end-results.

1. Type up my novel, DEFCON: FADE OUT: which I’ve actually started on as of last night. This goal is going to entail a lot more than simple typing, since I’m going to be editing as I go but a large part of this goal is going to involve turning a handwritten manuscript into a typewritten one. Toward that end, I’ve set myself a word count goal of about 8,750 words per week, with a first week goal of 13,750 words since I figure it’s better to start stronger at the beginning when I have more oomph in my mojo.

2. Create a cohesive manuscript: I’ve got about 100,000 words of Defcon: Fade Out written and I figure it’s probably approximately 3/4ths of a story all together. Since I can’t do any typing while I’m at work, my plans for work are to review what’s written and shape out the ending of the story.  Toward this end, I’m going to be working on coming up with an outline for the book as it is and plot out where it is supposed to be going.

3. See Dawn of the Planet of the Apes — because this movie is my JAM! I, for one, welcome our new ape overlords!

4. As a secondary goal, I want to try and come up with ideas for shorter stories.  This is a blatant attempt on my part to try and produce some potentially marketable fiction with an aim toward making some money. Not a lot, just enough for me to be able to say “I wrote this and I got paid for it!” Wow, it was scary to type that too!

5. Be better about checking in with folks. Last round, I let that fall by the wayside and I don’t like that I did that. Going to set a goal of checking in with at least 3 people every week.

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2 thoughts on “AROW80 3rd Quarter Check-In: 7/9/2014

  1. Wow! 100,000 words all handwritten, your wrist must be tired!
    I feel you on owning your dream, it’s absolutely terrifying. I’m a freelance writer and still can’t believe that people pay me to write stuff for them. That amazement never really goes away.

    Great goals so far and I look forward to seeing how you do.

    PS. I did find you through the RoW80 Check in. I’m trying to read other people’s posts too

    • It took a few months but, yeah, there were soooo-ooo many days when my writing hand felt like it was going to drop off and limp away.

      Thanks for the kind words! Good luck to you as well!

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