AROW80 Check-In: 7/13/2014

Typing Goals: Chapters One and Two are typed up for a grand total of 6,376 worlds. I didn’t get as far as I wanted to this week, but blame that on having gone to see a Planet of the Apes double feature, which was AWESOME!

I’ve noticed some plot holes in what I’ve done so far, but I’m keeping a separate Word document for taking notes of what I want to fix, which is very good for keeping me focused on my goal of getting things typed up.

Goals for this Week: Get Chapter Three typed up; make a stab at better organizing Chapters One and Two.

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6 thoughts on “AROW80 Check-In: 7/13/2014

  1. I love the idea of keeping a file for your notes, so that your mind is able to focus on moving forward while knowing you aren’t forgetting what you want to remember. I plan on doing a similar thing using Scrivener, after I’ve revised all the scenes of my WIP. I’ll read through for consistency, and make notes and research lists for each scene as I go. Hopefully, it’ll make the following passes a more focused and speedier affair.

    Best of luck with chapter 3!

    • Thanks! I’m typing my manuscript into Scrivener, but using Word for the notes file because of reasons that are not entirely clear to me at this point in time, but I’m figuring if it’s working, I’m not going to question it too much! *Grins*

      • “Because reasons” is often uttered by the younger members of this household.

        If it works for you, right now, that’s reason enough. And it’s just a few clicks to move the whole thing over to Scrivener, later, if you decide to.

        I do most of my rough drafting in 750 words, because I like the big borderless white screen. That’s the whole reason!

        Then I copy and paste into Scrivener and two separate LibreOffice files, so I can track my word counts in different ways…

        So you’ll get no judgment from me! =)

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