So, about the typing…

Today was my day off and I had to get up early to get some stuff done (early for me being around 930 in the morning) and ended up staying up and figuring “Hey, why not get an early start on the typing?” So, I did just that.

I started off at 88,228 words and I have ended the day at 96,667 words for a grand total of 8,439 words typed over the course of the day.

Suffice to say, I’m in a good position to get everything typed up by the end of October. So, YAY!

AROW80 Final Check-In for Third Round — September 24, 2014

Final Report for Round Three:

*blows dust off the blog* Eh-heh, I haven’t posted for a while.  BUT, I have actually been being productive. Which is kind of a big deal for me, since I’ve been afraid for a long time that if I didn’t keep up with the blog, I’d let my writing slide too.

Good news: I didn’t let the writing slide! Much! Ok, for a while, yeah but then I got serious and I’ve stayed serious!  Last time I posted, I was at 29,674 words — as of about five minutes ago, I just hit 75,000+ words for a pretty awesome total of 45,394 words typed in the last 34 days!

OK, my goal was to have everything I’ve written over the last few rounds typed up by now but I got side tracked by real life and got behind. But, I’m pretty happy with having reached 75,000+ words.

I also started writing a bit more — which is kinda/sorta slowing the typing thing down since I managed to add about 20,000 words of manuscript. Eh-heh.

Goals for Next Round:

  • Finish typing things up – hope to have this done by mid-October (cheating a bit since I’ll be working on this during the interim).  I’ve got about another 50K worth of words to go, depending on how much I write in the meantime.
  • Once everything is typed up, print out what I have and start looking for where there are gaps that need to be filled. — Hope to have this done by October 31st.
  • For Nanowrimo, fill in those gaps. — November 1st-30th.
  • For December: Start the typing thing all over again.

In Other News:

My girlfriend has a new job! It’s a work at home position which solves our transportation problems (not that we really had many when she was at her last job, but we have zip-zero-none now!). So, yay!

Part of the reason I’ve been able to get as much typing done as I have is that while my girlfriend is in training at one end of our couch, I’m sitting quietly on my end of the couch, typing away and listening to videos online (with headphones). I’ve gone from typing maybe once or twice a week in marathon sessions on my days off to typing a bit almost every day. And on my days off, I’m putting in the marathon sessions since she’s at work for about seven and a half hours a day.

That we are once again a dual income household after about nine months of being a single income household is also a huge plus. She’s happy, I’m happy because she’s happy and life is good.  Hope you are all having good luck and great success. Looking forward to Round Four! Onward to October 6th!

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