AROW80-2018 ROUND 2 Goals Post

It’s been a few years, but I’m ready to give this another go-round!  I’m going to keep my goal short and sweet: finish my current WIP’ s second draft, which is almost done!

One challenge, other than that I’m hitting the “Endings Are Hard!” Wall of Doom, is that I’ve started a new job (internal promotion at my current job), so there’s going to be some adjustments since I’m adapting to changes there. But, I’m confident I can succeed.

Looking forward to a productive round with everybody!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Edit to Add:  The project I’m currently working on is called Omegas: Cake Walk. It’s set in the Gem City universe I created a few years ago.  If you click on the Gem City tag, you can see some of my earlier musings on the universe in question — though some of that has/will fall to the forces of Retcon eventually.

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6 thoughts on “AROW80-2018 ROUND 2 Goals Post

  1. Welcome back! I really appreciate the focus on your current WIP in your goals. Persevere on that ending. The ending of my last book (Rivers of Stone) really challenged my understanding of my characters and what they really wanted at the happy-for-now ending. PS that subhead caught my eye. Yes, we’ll be reading, but I do wonder HOW, given such rapid changes in technology.

    • Thank you! It’s good to be back. I figured for this round, I would keep my goal simple since there are other things going on in my non-writing life.

      I figure, as long as we’re still reading/consuming stories, it’s all good!

  2. Like yours, my goals are short and sweet this round. I want to finish a draft (draft 6.2!) of my novel Spellfire’s Kiss and to work on a draft of my novel Rose Petals and Dragon Scales. Besides that, I have some goals related to blogging and home improvement projects. I’m trying to stay focused but flexible, disciplined but balanced. Good luck!

    • Good luck! I figure short and sweet is a good way to start off and I can add complexity if I choose/as I need to.

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