AROW80 Check-In for 4/29/2018

From this week’s AROW80 Check-In Reminder by Shan Jeniah Burton:

How much does where you are affect your writing where you get down to practicing your craft?  Are you able to channel your characters in any setting or are you like Alice Walker who once was quoted to attributing her move from New York City to California as necessary because Celie, Shug and other characters in The Color Purple didn’t feel comfortable enough to settle down and talk to her?

I’m pretty lucky in that I can write just about anywhere. Currently, I’m working at the computers in the children’s section of one of my local libraries. Sometimes the area can be a bit noisy (because, duh, kids) but the space feels more open than the computers in the adult section. Also, sometimes I get to see/overhear cute things. Like, right now a mom is reading to her kid (what caught my attention was the fact the book is apparently about the Transformers. I heard “Autobots” and my fan-ears perked up). It’s very sweet.

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In other news, my shoulder is better. Oddly enough, sleeping on a different pillow — the Amy and I found a memory foam pillow at Bed, Bath and Beyond on deep discount — made the pain go away almost entirely. I’m still a little bit stiff and sore, but it’s not the constant ache that it was so, color me happy!

Been watching Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on Netflix (because I have completely caught up on the CW DC shows on Netflix) and I’m liking it. Though, it is a very Joss Whedon show (Skye = Buffy + River; Fitz-Simmons = Willow minus magic).  I have a soft spot for Phil Coulson. I like the fact that he’s a dorky guy who can kick ass. Agent May is also a favorite. I like how they blend in bits of the MCU to the series.

Work on Chapter Nineteen continues apace. Not a fast pace, but it’s continuing so that’s being counted as a win.  Still trying to work on fitting writing into my new daily routine. I’m considering doing a bit of writing after I get off work in the mornings — though I’m not sure if I want to stay up later or not. (I work overnights, so I’m usually off about 5 am local time; a half hour or hour of writing would be something I could probably manage without seriously screwing up my sleep schedule any more than I have by staying up playing Best Fiends Forever).  I just need to find a place that’s comfortable enough for me to want to write there but not too comfortable so that I stay up later than I should because Sleep is a Thing I Need.

Ok, so, that’s it for today. See you tomorrow with the WIPpet Snippet! I leave you with some fascinating True Facts about the Frog Fish (and floaty-floaty seaweed!) Language is slightly NSFW/NC-17:

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