AROW80 Update for April 14, 2019

This is going to be a quick update because I want to go take a nap. We’re in the middle of a tornado watch here because of course we are, this is Ohio, it’s mid-April, it is the time of the big winds!  Also, weather in general is just going completely nucking futz lately.

Haven’t done much of anything on Storm Warnings, though I’ve been watching a documentary about the eugenics movement of the early 20th century as part of my on-going research for certain aspects of this story and for the story universe as a whole.

Been chugging along with writing every day, not always related to Storm Warnings or any other project but I’m getting words on paper and trying to write in a more structured way.

Uhmmmm, anything else? Not much. Going to go take that nap now, catch you guys on the flip-flop! Have a good week, hope the weather where you are is behaving itself in a reasonable fashion.

Oh! One last thought and something I will try to get back to in a longer fashion at another time: I have discovered that when I’m setting goals for myself, it’s a good idea to set them fairly low. The lower the goal, the easier it is to achieve and the more likely I am to inadvertently exceed it. Which leads to me feeling accomplishment and wanting to do even better the next time, thus do we successfully condition ourselves to achieve!

Ok, now it’s nap time

# # # # #

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3 thoughts on “AROW80 Update for April 14, 2019

  1. How can you sleep when a tornado might be on the way? Today, we have sunshine for the first time in weeks, and I saw daffodils. So, I hope your weather soon improves. I agree with you completely about resetting goals to they are achievable . . . even if I up the ante if I make the goal too easily. What I’m dithering about is how do I give credit for editing. Counting words is much easier. May you have a good week ahead.

    • It helped that as far as the weather outside looked, it was a nice, relatively sunny day. If the skies had been black, despite it being the afternoon, I probably would have sat up and fretted until the watch was over.

      Hope you’ve been having a good week as well!

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