Nuke Opera 2020: Cool Links

Because I can’t get my brain to giddy-up and work on an actual article, I figured I’d share some cool links of early Atomic Age films, articles, manuals and comics. Most of these were found at the Internet Archive. Please note, since these are for the most part primary sources, there will be presumptions that reflect the prejudices and bigotries that were commonly accepted at the time. Read/watch at your own risk.

Adventures Inside the Atom — A 1948 comic book released by General Electric to educate the kids about the exciting new world of atomic energy.

Dagwood Splits the Atom (1949) — an educational pamphlet aimed at making the atom more understandable by having characters from King Features Syndicate comic strips, like Blondie, Dagwood and Mandrake the Magician, explain concepts.

Nuclear War Self Preservation In An Atomic Bomb Attack 1950 — aimed at members of the US military, this training film about what to do in case of a nuclear attack has some pretty accurate advice.

Survival Under Atomic Attack — a film produced in 1951 by the Office of Civil Defense and aimed at civilians. There’s also a manual from the same time with the same title.

Atomic Alert (Elementary version) — this 1951 film was aimed at school-age children.

Duck and Cover (1952)— the infamous video, featuring Burt the Turtle, who was very alert. Good luck getting the song out of your head.

Atomic War comic books — a series of comic books produced in 1952 by Junior Books, Inc. Follow the link and you can read issues 1-4.

A is for Atom (1953) — an educational animated short about the atom.

Atomic Attack comic books — issues 5-8 of this 1953 series that seems long on action and short on facts.

How Nuclear Radiation Can Change Our Race — This magazine article from Mechanix Illustrated is stunningly inaccurate, even for the time. But the pictures are kinda cool.

“Let’s Face It” (1954) — Discusses the threat of Russian thermonuclear bombs and how important it is to be prepared for the possibility of attack.

Atomic Attack — Produced by Motorola, this teleplay dramatized an H-bomb attack and aired on May 18, 1954.

Civil Defense Home Preparedness Workshop — this is a 1960 series of filmstrips, produced by the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, was aimed at educating homemakers and housewives in the necessity of preparing for nuclear war:

  1. Why Family Action?
  2. Family Fallout Shelters
  3. Family Fire Safety
  4. Family Health
  5. Family Action

Classics Illustrated: The Atomic Age — a 1960 comic focusing on the atomic age.

Fallout Shelter: What Is It?— a 1963 movie about fallout and fallout shelters.

Operations in Public Fallout Shelters (1963) — a film intended to show the correct method for operating a public fallout shelter.

Rural Civil Defense (1965) — a series of TV spots aimed at educating farmers and other rural dwellers about civil defense for their unique situation. No clue why it uses marionettes… The pamphlet mentioned in the first spot, “Your Livestock Can Survive Fallout from Nuclear Attack” is also available at the Archive.




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