Baby, It’s *All The Expletives, Deleted* Cold Outside

So, if you live in the Midwest, have access to social media/the news, or some combination, you’re aware that a huge wonking chunk of the United States is experiencing unseasonably cold temperatures. As in, it’s warmer in Antarctica, Siberia and possibly on freaking MARS than it is in some areas of the US today. Where I am, in Southwestern Ohio, we’re experiencing temps in the negative single digits with wind chills down into the negative 20s.

I did not go to the library today. Other than sticking my head outside for a minute, I haven’t left the house at all today. Yesterday, I ran errands and picked up supplies for today — a roast for the crock pot along with all the fixings (new potatoes, baby carrots, onion soup mix, mushrooms), some Oreo cookies, milk, pop, etc. — because the plan was to stay hunkered down inside the apartment with the Amy for the duration of the freezing weather.

I also filled up my gas tank. And I’m hoping like hell that I won’t have cause to regret not having gone out to start my car today. I should have gone out during the day when the sun was up but I didn’t and I’m sure as hell not going outside now that the sun’s gone down.

Instead, I stayed inside today, took a couple of naps, listened to some audio books, joined the Amy for lunch (she had to work today — thankfully, she works from home), played Facebook games and surfed social media and ate some seriously delicious pot roast (if I do say so myself, which I do).

The secret to my pot roast is dry beefy onion soup mix and Coca Cola. Mix the two in a cup, stir and pour over the roast and fixings. Don’t fill the cup too full, because the soup mix makes the Coke foam up. Also, use crock pot liners, those are the greatest invention ever.

# # # # #

In writing news: I hit 3,337 words for last week and wrote for six out of the seven days. So, yay! Go me!

I’m also still working on the current draft of Storm Warnings (meaning, I haven’t restarted it for the umpteenth time) and I’m really happy with how it’s playing out. I’m not going to meet the deadline I had for it, but I’m comfortable with that. I’ve learned a couple things from not meeting that goal that I’m going to try to incorporate in my writing habits going forward.

The most important of those lessons is to be willing to start over if what you have isn’t working for you. I’ve restarted Storm Warnings probably about five or six times and have finally managed to find a format that works for me. I’m thinking in the future, a bit more pre-writing, trying out different strategies and such might be a better way to go about things. Especially since I want to get to the point where I’m turning out stories at a faster rate than once every couple years.

# # # # #

We got a surprise delivery of baked goods from the Amy’s mom! Blueberry muffins and a lemon poppyseed cake! Yes, she drove over here in the freeze. She said she wanted to get out of the house and since she has a garage and could go from garage to our place back to garage, it wasn’t too bad. She made it back home safe and sound. The muffins hit the spot after pot roast.

# # # # #

Writing Goals for the Week: 

  • Keep on trucking with Storm Warnings
  • Check in with AROW80 members, especially my accountability buddy

# # # # #

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