AROW80 Check-In for January 19, 2014

Another short I-should-be-in-bed-why-am-I-not-in-bed?! post!:

Previous Goals: 

  • Still watching Supernatural; up to Season Five!
  • Haven’t worked on Defcon: Fade Out Chapter 12 at all, except in the ‘thinking about what I need to write’ and doing a bit of research in regards to tracking people.
  • Still reading Story Engineering; I’ve just started on the section on story structure and I’m learning a lot and it’s making me rethink some of the structure of my book.
    • Also finished reading Writing The Other, which helped to reinforce things I’ve already been thinking about and gave me some ideas for things to do with some of my characters.

Goals For This Week:

  • Keep watching Supernatural since in addition to being research for Butcher’s Bill, it’s also good reference for Story Engineering.  Also, the Winchester boys are still pretty. And screwed up. Those poor, poor, damaged boys…
  • Keep reading Story Engineering and, once I’m done with it, switch over to reading Writing the Fiction Series. Then it’s on to Story Physics.
  • Write something for Chapter Twelve, even if it’s just an outline, so I don’t lose momentum. Or too much momentum.
  • Take books back to the libraries and make some photocopies for research purposes.
  • Visit folks in AROW80 and IWSG
  • Get some more oranges at the grocery store — had one tonight at work and it was not only delicious, but my hands smelled good for most of the rest of the night.

And now, off to bed. I hope everybody has a great and productive week!

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AROW80 Check-in for January 12, 2014

Ok, this is going to be another short post on account of I am still up at almost six-thirty in the morning (a fact I will no doubt regret by this afternoon).

Previous Goals:

  • Still watching Supernatural; we’re up to Season Three now!
  • Worked more on Chapter Eleven for Defcon: Fade Out. It should be done tomorrow-ish and I should be on to Chapter 12 by Monday. And, if all goes well, I’ll hit 50,000 words tomorrow too! Go me!
  • I actually wrote up a species creation checklist for the human/ape hybrids in Defcon.
  • I started a character creation checklist for one of my main characters, but I’m having a hard time making myself work on it. Because Defcon is supposed to be a series and this is a character who will be in every book, I’m thinking of maybe scrapping the answering questions part and simply writing a paragraph or a page about the character and her life at each stage in the series, plus about her when World War III happened. And then doing the same for the other POV characters.
  • The series as it stands right now spans about a 40 year period from 1983-2022. The plan, as it stands right now is for the books to take place in 1994, 2005, 2011, 2022 and 2033 in order to showcase different stages of post-nuclear war recovery. As of tonight, I’m thinking I might also try to do stories and/or novellas that take place between the books.
  • I started Story Engineering by Larry Brooks but got distracted by writing and reading other books. *hangs head*

Goals for this week:

  • Continue working on Defcon: Fade Out, Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve.
  • Continue working on worldbuilding for Defcon
  • Continue reading Story Engineering
  • Watch more Supernatural — especially since I’m getting close to episodes I haven’t seen yet!

Other Stuff: Went and saw Saving Mr. Banks today with my girlfriend and her mom. It’s not a movie I would have chosen to see on my own, but I enjoyed it a lot. The movie has probably one of the best reveals of a character flaw that I’ve ever seen.

Last week we went and saw Wolf of Wall Street, which was…good? Entertaining? Not the worst way to spend three hours? It was another movie I’d never have gone to on my own, and like Saving Mr. Banks it’s a good character piece, but it is not for everyone. If you like absolutely reprehensible characters, you’ll probably like it. Though a word of warning: apparently, it set a new record for most uses of the F-word in a movie and I think I saw more nudity in that movie than I had in all the other movies I saw last year*, so leave the kids at home.

* Ok, so most of the movies I saw last year had no nudity in them, but even still, Wolf of Wall Street showed soooo much skin. IT was like F-bomb, nekkid person, drug use, shady stock dealings, lather, rinse, repeat.

And, on that note, I go now to sleep. Hope everybody has had and will continue to have a great week/month/year.

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AROW80 Check-in for December 22, 2013

This check-in is going to be short because I got to bed waaay late yesterday and am exhausted this morning (I work overnights, so while it’s technically 0607 in the morning here (redundant, I know), it’s almost past time I went to bed if I want to be rested tomorrow).  Sooo, getting on with it!

Writing Goals:  no bullet list tonight, since I only really worked on Defcon: Fade Out,  But, on the plus side, I managed to finish Chapter Eight! Okay, so I was basically editing/adding to an old draft of Chapter Eight but I am calling this a win!

I also created a scene inventory for what I have written for Defcon: Fade Out.  Because I didn’t write the original drafts in any kind of real logical order, I got it in my head that it would be a good idea to type the book up in Scrivner according to the POV character of a particular scene.  So, now I have a bunch of print outs of scenes listed by character and I went through and wrote out the first line or so of each scene on a list so I can now go shopping through the scenes quickly to find ones to use to plug into the huge, gaping, massive, “Dear God, what was I thinking?!” holes in the story.  And, because I figured out that I don’t have a draft of Chapter Nine yet, I was able to do just that and create a very rough outline that I can work from.   When I wake up tomorrow (which is technically later today), I’m going to copy the selected scenes into a Word Document so I can edit them without having to flip between four different physical documents.

I also came up with some plot-type ideas for Butcher’s Bill which I put in my notebook for later re-visiting.

Current Goals: Sleep the sleep of the just and hopefully not toss and turn for 2 hours like I did last night because my brain wouldn’t shut up. Also, to write/create Chapter Nine of Defcon: Fade Out with an ultimate goal of maybe having it and Chapter Ten done by December 31st.  So that way I can do Chapters 11-20 in 2014 and feel all smug and symmetrical. Which is itself not symmetrical…..okay, bed time it is!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and huge thanks to all of you for your encouragement. Finding this community has been a great experience and I’m very happy to know you all.

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