AROW80 Update for 4/10/19

I was today years old when I found out that Die Hard was adapted from a book. I’m in the habit of listening to YouTube videos while I’m writing, especially when I’m at the library. This means that at least part of every writing session includes trying to find videos to watch. I like a lot of the video review shows on YouTube including one I’ve recently stumbled on called Lost in Adaptation.

Lost in Adaptation features Dominic “The Dom” Smith who reviews adaptations — he talks about the book and the movie as separate entities then discusses how well the movies adapt the books. He’s done all of the Harry Potter books/movies (enlisting the help of an alter ego/side character called Terrance the D-Bag Ravenclaw), and has done side projects that focus just on reviewing books as well as a series that reviewed the 60’s British TV series, The Prisoner.  Be warned: he does use NC-17 language, so these videos aren’t necessarily safe for work or for younger viewers, but he is very entertaining.

I’ll do a recommendation list of some other reviewers/commentators that I like as well as how I think these sorts of commentary can help one’s writing on another occasion. Trying to keep this short.


I have not been working as hard as I would like on Storm Warnings, but I am trying to make up for that today. On the good side, I haven’t restarted it again! So, counting that as a win!

Continuing with the dream journal — it’s now about 25 pages long, so…yeah, I’ve dreamed a lot of dreams over the last couple months!

Still been doing the freewriting thing too. That’s up to a little over twenty pages as well, which goes to show that I can ramble like an [obscenity] when I want to. Now to harness that energy toward writing fiction! *Rar!*

I’ve checked in with my accountability partner and we’ve set up a plan for this round. *fingers crossed!*

While I have not come close to finishing Omegas: Cake Walk, I have figured out a side plot that I think will actually help make the next draft of the book a whole lot better and will tie things together nicely. *fingers again crossed*


I’ve been listening to a J.D. Robb novel in the car. This’ll be the fifth or sixth of Robb’s In Death books that I’ve listened to and I’ve already selected another one to listen to once this one’s done (which’ll be in a day or so).  I shied away from Robb for a while because of some really kind of stupid and petty reasons, most of which center around the fact that Nora Roberts is a romance writer and I don’t read romance.

Side Note:  Yeah, much as I hate to admit it, I used to be one of those folks who sneered at romance novels as being trash (and no, the irony of being a science fiction fan who did this is not lost on me). It was in the early 1990s when my attitude started to change. The internet started becoming a thing and I started looking for information on writing and that led me to a site called All About Romance, which reviewed romance books. For the first time, I got the chance to see romance readers discussing romance books in critical ways and I learned that yes, Virginia, it’s entirely possible to enjoy romance novels and still have a brain in your head.

I actually have read a few romance novels in my time and enjoyed most of the ones I’ve read. It’s almost like any genre can be entertaining if you find the right thing, weird huh?

All of this is a long way of saying that I avoided the In Death series for a long time and finally picked up an audiobook because I was like, “I need something to listen to in the car, we can try this out and see if we like it, if we don’t, eh I’ll bring it back and find something else.”

Long story shorter: I like J.D. Robb. I like the In Death series. I like Eve Dallas and Rourke and Peabody and a lot of the rest of the series. I like the world building Robb did for her version of the future and I can also see it as a cautionary tale for folks wanting to write near-future science fiction series.  More on that in a later post.

I also really like the voice actor who performs the In Death books, Susan Ericksen. A good voice actor can really make or break an audiobook for me. They can also encourage me to read other books just because I want to keep listening to their voice. Ericksen is one who I will look for on other books in the future, as is Ray Porter, Johnny Heller, Bernadette Dunne and Kate Reading (is that not the perfect name for an audiobook reader?!) among others. Oh! Bronson Pinchot is another one — Cousin Balki has some serious range.


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