AROW80 Check-in for December 8, 2013

I got some of Chapter 6 of Defcon: Fade Out written last night! There was a tiny piece that I was writing to insert into an earlier part of the chapter and I finally go the blasted thing done! Now to finish the rest of the chapter.  Though, I am tempted to end the chapter where it is and move on to Chapter 7 — but part of me thinks that’s cheating a bit and there’s some exposition that needs to be put in at this point, so I probably won’t.

I also got a draft of sorts of what will be the first Gem City short story done. Just need to type it up and flesh it out more.

Still need to finish off Human Target and get a copy of Of Mice and Men.  And read more comics. After watching Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics, I put a couple-three Flash graphic novels on hold.  One of the comics people being interviewed talked about how Flash’s Rogue’s Gallery are really just a bunch of blue-collar guys who go out, commit their crimes and then head out to a bar for a beer after ‘work’ and so, I wanted to check that out.

Currently I’m listening to some of Jeffery DeRego’s Union Dues stories that I downloaded from the EscapePod website. EscapePod is a science fiction podcast and has two sister podcasts, PodCastle for fantasy stories and PsuedoPod for horror.  All three podcasts have a good variety of stories, in terms of subject matter and length. And they’re all available for free.

Also, here’s some links:

Legal — The Legal Geeks are two attorneys blogging about all things Geek from a lawyer’s point of view. We’ll cover everything from Dune to Battlestar Galactica to the Rule Against Perpetuities.

Law and the Multiverse If there’s one thing comic book nerds like doing it’s over-thinking the smallest details.  Here we turn our attention to the hypothetical legal ramifications of comic book tropes, characters, and powers.  Just a few examples: Are mutants a protected class?  Who foots the bill when a hero damages property while fighting a villain?  What happens legally when a character comes back from the dead?  You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more right here!   These folks also published a book called The Law of Superheroes, which I bought back in the day because, dude, overthinking things is my jam!

A Dispensable List of Comic Book Lists — Rather than subject the universe to yet another blog from a thirtysomething with too many opinions, I’m using this space to pay homage to those silly little comic book stories that have prolonged my adolescence (and strained the patience of my oh so understanding wife) for many more years than I’d care to admit.  I found this blog while doing a search for ‘comic book cliches’; the author has a wonderful 10-part series about them that begins with Comic Clichés, Part I: Origins and Alter Egos.

Goals for this week:

  • Finish Chapter Six/Start Chapter Seven: Toward this end, I’m going to the library on Tuesday to do some writing while the Girlfriend is at work. I can get about 4 hours of dedicated no-distraction time.
  • Type up first Gem City story: Do revisions/expansions as I go and get a decent draft.
  • Get a plastic document portfolio: to use as storage for research/printouts of non-Defcon ‘verse stories. I have one for Defcon, with pockets dedicated to the POV of different characters. I’d like one for the rest of my stuff too, to help keep myself organized.
  • Remember to post the Linkytools link the first time around on my next check-in post!  Speaking of, here it is:

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