As of 4:50 am local time this morning (March 30th, 2014), I reached 100,000 words on Defcon: Fade Out!  The 100,000 word was ‘with’ from the sentence, “Considering she threatened to break my jaw with a tire iron if I ever contacted her again, yes, I do remember her vividly.” 

Tonight and tomorrow, I’m going to write a bit more, to finish up the scene that sentence is in and work on a possible ending for the book.  The novel isn’t quite as finished as I’d wanted it to be, but I am a lot closer to a cohesive draft than I was when I started back on November 1st.  And I feel a lot more secure about taking April off to knock out some much needed worldbuilding.

Though, because the book as it is is almost entirely located in a pair of notebooks and some loose-leaf pages, I’m going to take advantage of the free scanning available at my local library to make an electronic copy of everything I’ve done so that I don’t spend the month of April wearing my manuscript around in some kind of writer’s version of a Baby Bjorn.   (Or at least, if I do, it’ll be in a flash drive that’s going to be a lot easier to carry around).