AROW80 Check-In: June 18, 2014

Tooth News Update:  I have FINALLY made the appointment for the root canal I’ve needed since February (for those new to the Ongoing Dental Saga, there’s no good reason for this delay beyond my natural instinct to procrastinate).   Next Wednesday, I go in and hopefully get the blasted thing fixed for good and always!

So, fingers crossed that soon I will be able to eat without having to remind myself to Not Chew On The Left Side Of My Mouth.  Seriously, doing that only ends badly.  On the plus side, I’m slowly breaking a lifelong habit of eating way too fast, since that tends to also end badly.

In Other News:

I managed to write out my plot ideas for the five books in the Defcon Series! And they make sense!  I know this because my girlfriend read them and she says they do so, I’m a’gonna trust her.  I did this in part because I was trying to figure out the plot for the book I’m working on — which is Book Five in the series (long story) — but needed to get the ideas for the other books straight in my mind first.

Still haven’t started typing anything up yet, but I think that’s going to be the goal for next round. For the rest of this round, I’m going to flesh out the current version of Book Five’s plot to more of my liking and psyche myself up.  That and also get a root canal which is gonna mean needles in my face. Again.

But, thanks to the Lego Movie, I know now that Everything Is Awesome! Seriously, I love this movie.I love Princess Unikitty. I love Benny. Heck, I just love Lego.

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