AROW80 Check-In for January 26, 2014

Here we are again, it’s six a.m. and I’m…actually not that tired. I mean, I’m tired but I’m not noooo-whyyyy?! tired. Which will probably suck when I go to bed. D’oh…

It’s still cold. It’s always been cold and I think it will always be cold. I may also be a bit groggy.

But, I’m actually in a really good mood. I got a book through interlibrary loan that I’ve been wanting to read for a while now: Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War by Paul Williams.  I’m reading the book, in part, because several of the characters in the Defcon series are African-American and I want an idea of the history of nuclear war and civil defense from an African-American perspective.  And this book is delivering like Dominos Pizza!  Not only am I getting some good informaton, I’m also getting a line on some other sources.

Previous Goals:

  • Had an orange! (wasn’t it pretty?)
  • Didn’t watch any Supernatural but did go see I, Frankenstein, which was very goofy but also a good turn-your-brain-off-and-enjoy-your-popcorn movie. (Spoilers in review)
  • Haven’t read any more Story Engineering, or written an outline or noodled anything on Chapter 12 but there is always later today!

Goals for the Week:

  • Work on the stuff I didn’t do last time around!

Hope everybody’s having a good week!

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