A gift of some code

Here is a bit of code for people who want to be able to share spoilers or triggery topics/words in a way that will let folks who want to avoid such things avoid them. I did not create this code. I found it on a Dreamwidth blog back a few years ago. The original blog post is located here: http://amadi.dreamwidth.org/40143.html?format=light

If you do use the code, please provide a link back to amadi, giving her credit as the source.

Here’s an example of what it looks like:

Summary/Warning: A story about the movie Titanic that takes place after the end of the movie. Summary contains spoilers, highlight to read. (skip) Contains a boat striking an iceberg, death, and the drowning death of some dude. Also, in Citizen Kane? Rosebud is a sled! Vader is Luke’s father! The dinosaurs were killed by a comet!