AROW80 Update for November 5, 2014 + WIPpet

It is cold and wet and rainy and very much November here. I haven’t been writing as much as I wanted to for the first few days of this month — combination of work and lack of oomph — but I got a bit written last night and I’m planning on working on some more tonight and hoping to get close to a goal of 10,0002 words by tonight.

I’m working on a short story set in my Gem City (aka Reverse Batman) universe. From my original post on the idea:

A story about a Reverse Batman-type character — his parents were supervillains in the 1960 who were killed by a rogue hero and because of this, he now works as a private detective doing things like keeping superheroes accountable and such.  He’s also the guy you call when you want to serve divorce papers on The Thing.

The plot is that Will Cartwright, private investigator and owner of QC Investigations, has been hired by his college friend Kylie (aka Wildheart) to help clear her father, the hero Howler, from a murder charge. This scene is Will arriving at the 247th precinct to talk to the detectives investigating the crime.

Detective Sergeant Luna Bastigan was at her desk when I arrived. She looked at me like I was the first plague rat off the boat. She was a short, stocky woman who looked like a cross between a bulldog and a fireplug. She’d come up through the ranks of the GCPD, making detective almost as soon as she was able. She shook her head and leaned back from her keyboard to study me.


“Should have known you’d be here sooner or later, Cartwright,” she said. “Let me guess, Howler’s girl hired you to clear her Daddy’s name?”


“Close; she calls him Pop-pop,” I said. “She’s pretty convinced that he’s innocent. She’s got a theory and I have to say, it’s got some merit to it.”


Bastigan snorted. “I’m sure it does,” she said. “Problem is, she’s not a witness and she’s got a vested interest in lying through her fake little fangs to protect her-“ she snorted. “Pop-pop. Whereas on the other side, I’ve got at least five witnesses willing to swear that Howler did it, was glad he did it and would have done it again if he could have.”


“And none of them have any vested interests?” I asked. “C’mon, Bastigan, ‘innocent until proven guilty’ remember?”


“Don’t try to school me, Cartwright,” she said. “I know my job. Problem is, the Third Coast Crusaders have a hell of a lot of pull in this town and Tyler Rose is the top of that particular heap. It’s more than just an investigation; it’s a political freaking nightmare.”

There’s more about the Gem City ‘verse here: The Semi-Quasi-Mostly Official Handbook to the Gem City Universe 

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AROW80 Check-In Post for 2/16/14

A very, very quick update due to it being nearly 0630 and I am exhausted.

1. Chapter Thirteen of Defcon: Fade Out is DONE! And Fourteen is underway! I’m largely rewriting an old draft and adding in things.

2. I have a sneaking suspicion that Defcon: Fade Out is going to be longer than the original 20 chapters I expected it to be. I’ve already realized that there’s at least a scene and at most an entire chapter that hasn’t been written and needs to be.

3. I’ve definitely got to make a dentist appointment this week because I’ve found a ginormous cavity in one of my back teeth. Luckily, I can still chew and all but yeah…that tooth needs some looking at.

A special thanks to everybody who commented on my WIPpet Wednesday this week — and an apology for not setting up the scene better! Next time, I will do better about that!

Hope everybody had a great week and will have a great week!

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WIPpet Wednesday for 2/12/2014

In honor of finishing the evil Chapter Twelve of Defcon: Fade Out, I give you the beginning of the infamous ham radio conversation. (12th Chapter for the 12th of the month! — also 2+1+2+2+0+1+4 =12):

With that, Gina turned back to her radio set and pulled on her headset as she twisted a dial, tuning in a frequency. Joseph and Sadie covered their ears at the screech and squawk of static. 

“Hello, CQ, CQ, CQ, this is WA8EK, that’s Whiskey, Alfa, eight, Echo Kilo.” Gina repeated the greeting and her call sign twice more, before continuing.  “This is Whiskey Alfa eight Echo Kilo, standing by for a response.  Repeating, WA8EK standing by for a response.”

After a few minutes, which seemed to drag on forever, — especially for Sadie who practically danced with nervous anticipation — a voice came back over the line. 

“Hello, WA8EK, this is WA8PP.” The voice also spelled out his call sign phonetically and repeated his greeting twice more as Gina had done. “You are coming in five by five, this is Cecil.” He phonetically spelled his name, then repeated it. “Thank you for contacting Town Crier Messenger Service, where your words move at the speed of our feet! How can I help you today?”

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